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About Us

Our company is the best choice for custom windows and doors in North York, Ontario. That’s if you value quality and don’t want to pay the price. We are the trusted team not only for super-resistant and super-beautiful windows and doors but most importantly, for super-excellent door and window installation.

Want to say hello to our team here at Custom Windows & Doors North York? How about if we told you a few things about us, the way we work, the manner with which we handle all projects assigned to us – from window replacements to interior door installation North York jobs?

Customized consultation before custom windows & doors in North York

Knowledge matters when it comes to getting custom windows and doors in North York. And that’s the least you can expect from our company. What you get first – when you turn to our team, is customized consultation. And that’s not done randomly either. Let us explain all these things so that you will know how our team works.

Let’s say you need house doors installation. If the doors are indoors, we need to know the home style, the dimensions, the perils – like if this is a high-moisture room that will affect the material and thus, the door’s performance. Now imagine how many variables we need to calculate for a front door installation.

We do exactly the same when it comes to window installation, North York customers may trust. We don’t suggest materials and designs at random, but take into consideration everything related to your home, personal taste, requirements – all things. That’s what we call personalized consultation and it is one of the things we focus first, whether this is an interior or exterior door, or window installation service.

All door and window installation services are done by the book

Half the story is getting suitable windows and doors. The other half is having the best window and door installers on the job. Masters of the trade. Pros that will be able to deal with unforeseen structural problems, for example. Experts in all doors and windows that can set up all sizes, styles, and materials to perfection. And you will be happy to know that by assigning your job to us, you are relying on door and window installers of such great qualifications.

At our window and door installation company, we have vast experience in the field. What’s more, we continue to get updated with everything new and focus on all details, while respecting all building codes. With us on your job, you worry about nothing. We take over from the start and overdeliver. Isn’t that what you want for such vital projects? Let us make it happen for you. After all, you surely want to get an estimate first. Don’t you? Should we set an appointment for that and see how things unfold? Contact us. Let’s talk about your needs, your project, what do you have in mind for your North York custom windows and doors. Like that?