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Door Installation

The proper installation of doors makes a huge difference in your life on so many levels it is hard to turn your back to excellence! And do you know what? If it’s time for some door installation in North York, Ontario, it’s also time for you to breathe a sigh of relief. Now that you have found our team, having a door installed won’t only be easy but also your assurance for excellent function. Allow us to tell you more and explain why we are the team you can completely trust with your home door installation North York service.

Door installation North York experts, exceeding the highest standards

Door Installation North York

You can trust our team with the installation of any door in your home. Also, with any project. Is this a fresh door installation in North York – remodel or new construction? Or is it time for you to replace some doors in your house? You will be happy to know that we cover all such needs and are ready to offer choices, great options to meet your requirements on all levels – aesthetics, security, privacy, energy efficiency, convenience.

Excellent house doors, installers you totally trust

We specialize in all house doors, installation services too. And we offer doors of superb quality whether interior or exterior.

  •          Steel front doors
  •          Wood pocket doors
  •          Sliding glass doors
  •          French doors
  •          Hinged doors
  •          Patio doors

Customize the size, the design, the style, the material as you see fit – always with our assistance. Our team, here at Custom Windows & Doors North York, doesn’t leave you alone, but provides the consultation, assistance, information you need in order to take such serious decisions. Naturally, you don’t do anything else. We send a tech to measure, see what’s needed, speak with you. That’s the first step of such projects and the safe way of getting an estimate. Do you want to make an appointment?

The team you want for your interior & exterior door installation service

Words cannot express the importance of quality when it comes to the installation of doors. Especially if this is a front door installation job. Or the installation of patio doors and all high entry points in the home. Installing a door correctly – by its specs and by all building codes, is essential. This is the A and Z of high security, functionality, energy efficiency – the trio you expect when getting new entry doors. Quality matters indoors too. What’s the point of investing in a new bathroom door if it won’t close?

With our company, you don’t have such concerns – you don’t even know such concerns exist. And not only do you have the job done by door installers with full commitment to their craft, industry and trade but also the whole project done with attention to detail from the start. Should we start with the measurements and all details regarding your North York door installation project? Let’s talk.