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Door Repair

Since no door problem is good news, don’t put up with it. If you are faced with some troubles and need door repair in North York, Ontario, hurry to call our company. The sooner you do that, the sooner our team will send you a repairman. And the sooner you’ll say goodbye to your troubles. Isn’t that the whole point? So, let us tell you a few things about the ways our team, here at Custom Windows & Doors North York, can be of service to you. Then you can call to say what you need.

Prompt door repair North York services

Door Repair North York

Isn’t it nice to know that you can depend on one company for all door repair North York services? That’s exactly the case with us. So, try to keep your cool, even if the problem is with an exterior door – hence, urgent by nature. Not only do we serve all needs but also do so in a quick manner. And send techs equipped and trained to fix all door problems.

  •          Squeaky front door noises
  •          Stuck sliding door
  •          Broken glass door
  •          Damage door locks
  •          Ruined door weather seals
  •          Rotten wooden door
  •          Patio doors not closing

Whatever your door problem, don’t wait. Let our North York door repair company send help. It takes only one short phone call and your door will be fixed before you know it.

Solutions for all doors & problems – patio doors, sliding doors, front doors

All doors are fixed. Have no worries about that. Need storm or porch door repair? Want your pocket door in the kitchen fixed? Is the sliding glass door stuck or the glass shattered? Are we talking about French doors or one-leaf swing door troubles?

To put it simply, feel free to call for home door repair in spite of the problem and the door type. And don’t worry if this is not an urgent situation. Even glitches are often indications of hidden problems. So, if you hear some odd noises, call us. Let us send a tech to inspect the problem and either align the door or replace the damaged hinges. How about the sliding door? Is the track okay or must be adjusted? Are the sliding door wheels damaged? Want a screen door replaced? Tell us that you need door repair service.

Door repair & replacement services – anything to address problems

The techs come out equipped with door replacement parts and thus can fix all fixable problems. Now, if the door is rotten, seriously damaged, or not worth fixing for any other reason at all and you decide that you prefer to replace it, don’t fret. This can happen quickly too. And the quality of all doors offered by our company is as good as the door installation service. But let us not draw conclusions since it’s likely that the door problem can be fixed. You just make your North York door repair appointment at our company and we’ll send a pro to take care of everything.