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Sliding Doors

There are so many options among sliding doors, North York customers of our company often get confused. Which one would be best for the living room or home office? Should you get vinyl or wood pocket doors for the kitchen and bathroom? And how about the patio doors? Should they have double or triple glazing? There are so many questions and even more answers, making sliding door installation projects quite demanding. Not anymore. Not with Custom Windows & Doors North York in your corner.

And allow us to also tell you this: you can reach us and count on our company for any sliding door service in North York, Ontario, from repairs to replacements. Isn’t that useful to know?

For new, top quality sliding doors, North York residents should turn to us

Sliding Doors

Let us make your project easy for you. If you want to get sliding doors in North York, just put your trust in us. We serve residential customers, commercial facilities and offices too. So, don’t worry. On top of that, we specialize in all types of sliding doors and are ready to offer custom solutions to meet every customer’s needs.

  •          Sliding glass doors
  •          Patio doors
  •          Interior French doors
  •          Bypass doors
  •          Telescopic slide doors
  •          Barn doors

Our reputation is spotless as far as the quality of the slide doors is concerned – as far as the installation is concerned too. Have no second thoughts about the quality and excellence, and feel free to make contact with our team, saying what you need. French sliding doors? Perhaps, sliding patio doors?

Sliding door repair and service with no delay. Why wait? Call us

Chances are high you already have sliding doors and you want to replace them. Or you seek sliding door repair solutions. Don’t worry. Not only do we cover all local service needs but also do so without delay, especially if there’s an urgent problem. Worn and broken sliding doors and their components are replaced quickly, while the response is even faster when this is an entry point. So, don’t wait. If your patio sliding door is giving you lots of troubles and not worth fixing, let’s talk about it.

Then again, if you cannot close the sliding door, there might be a problem with the wheels or the track. Have these and all troubles fixed swiftly, without going out of your way, without worrying about the quality of the work by turning to us. Suffices to make one call and your North York sliding doors will be serviced shortly by an expert. Do you want us to talk?